samedi 7 avril 2018

InCHORUS #7 Jazz-Express : Paris-Darjeeling-Chennai

              A subtle jazz duet in conversation with a guitar sensation

For the second InChorus of 2018, Kalasetu is glad to welcome the French singer Raphaëlle Brochet, the Belgian double bass player Philippe Aerts and the Indian guitar player Pranai Gurung for a Jazz project that will bring the audience from Paris to Chennai with a stopover in Darjeeling. Welcome on board with the "Jazz-Express. Paris-Darjeeling-Chennai"! 

Two dates for this creation: the 10th of April in the Alliance française of Chittagong and the 12th in the Alliance française of Delhi, followed by a show of the duet "Raphaëlle Brochet & Philippe Aerts" presenting their album KALAMAMBA” (Igloomondo, October 2017) in the Alliance française of Pune on 14th of April. All the details coming soon!

Raphaëlle Brochet and Philippe Aerts blur the line when it comes to conventional use of their instruments, focusing on creating a sound scape of experiences rather than just a song.

Raphaëlle’s deep immersion in Carnatic Music for 15 years gives her voice and repertoire a unique touch that Philippe embraces beautifully with his impressive technique. Their collaboration with Pranai Gurung, one of the top Indian guitar player of Delhi, promises to be an explosion of colors and virtuosity! Apart being a brilliant Jazz artist, Pranai is revisiting the Nepali folk heritage of his area of origin, Darjeeling.

Raphaëlle Brochet and Philippe Aerts just released their last album “KALAMAMBA” (Igloomondo, October 2017), a mix of Jazz and World Music.on with a French (or European) artist.

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