samedi 21 octobre 2017

Latin-Jazz-Western Classical Music with Julien Jugand (guitar) and Guillaume Duval (double bass) - SPIC MACAY World Heritage Series

Kalasetu is collaborating one more time with Spic Macay to promote the knowledge of World Traditional Music among Youth. During their stay in India, Guilllaume Duval (double bass) and Julien Jugand (guitar) will give two lec-dem in Delhi and Ludhiana

                   24/10: 10 AM at Delhi Public International School (Saket)

                        31/10: 8 AM at Delhi Public School of Ludhiana

A friendly, poetic and inspired duet traveling from Western classical, jazz, and Latin-American repertoires.

Julien Jugand is a French guitar player trained in Western Classical music and South-american music under the guidance of maestros such as Arnaud Dumond, Rafael Andia and Jacques Marmoud. Playing and arranging folk and pop music, he also works as a sound engineer and as an electronic music composer, while teaching in Dieppe's National School of Music.

Guillaume Duval
studied jazz and traditional music from Eastern Europe and West Africa. Born in Paris, he started with electric bass performing Afro-American music such as blues, funk and soul then progressively turned to double bass.

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